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Ohio Election Integrity Network
Working to Ensure FREE - FAIR -HONEST - ACCURATE - TRANSPARENT Elections in Ohio

OEIN Focuses on these Key Election Areas

1. Board of Election "BOE" - Building a working relationship with our 88 County "BOE"

2. Poll Observers - Recruiting & Training for voting locations

3. Mail Voting Processes  - Monitors how USPS handles all absentee ballots

4. Data Team - Analyzes voter rolls and monitors voter roll maintenance

5. Vulnerable Voters - Assists with elder care, handicapped, and military ballots

6. Machines & Technology  - Monitors certification of machines & software

7. Legislative - Statutory Provisions & Compliance, plus Legislative oversight and advocacy

8. Media & Communications – informing and educating Ohioans regarding voting systems


9. Citizens Research Project - stay updated on current election integrity issues 


Click on the image above to take Action

Hello Patriots

We now have another way for the Ohio Legislature to hear our voice!

We have created a Campaign with AlignAct ready for you to take ACTION!

Please click the image to the left or link below and

begin to make a difference.

Ohio HB 472 - Ohio Votes Count Act - AlignAct

When you hit this link you will see a large "Take Action Now" button.

- You will be asked for your address and contact info,

this identifies you as an Ohio constituent

(AlignAct does not share your personal information)

- When you Submit your info, AlignAct will prompt you to

send the message to your Ohio government officials

- Governor, House of Representatives, and Senate.

- You can choose to deliver the message via Email, Phone Call or both

- Follow the AlignAct prompts and finish by clicking on "I Am Done" 

-  AlignAct will Report back the persons whom the message was sent

* This message can be forwarded and shared with other like-minded patriots. Who can assist us in inundating our Ohio government

with the HB 472 message!

Thank you for making a difference!


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